Saturday, October 8, 2011


A good friend of mine from college was visiting from California yesterday, and since we often share the things we've been reading or watching with each other, I found myself telling her all about Fables. At first she thought I was referring to actual fables as in Aesop's or Grimm Brothers, but when I explained that it's a graphic novel series, she was little more intrigued. When I finished my monologue about the greatness of Fables, she said,"I want to read these!" So I thought since I'd convinced one person to read them, maybe I should recommend them to others.

Several months ago, a couple of friends recommended that I start this graphic novel series, created by Bill Willingham, and it sounded interesting; fable and fairytale characters kicked out of their fairytale lands and exiled to New York City. I read the first one, and I liked it, but couldn't get myself to pick up volume two. One of those friends even let me borrow volumes two through four, but I still just couldn't get into it. However, a couple months after giving the borrowed comic books back to my friend, I was suddenly in the mood to continue reading them. Don't ask me why my brain works that way.

So I'm currently up to volume six now and completely addicted! Lunch time has turned into Fables time. I get so excited to go on my lunch break because I know the next chapter is waiting to be devoured! (Along with my lunch.) It's fascinating to see how all the characters from the different stories interact with one another when confined to Fabletown, the small corner of New York City they have built up for Fables only, away from the prying eyes of the Mundys (Mundane, non-magical humans.) I don't want to say too much about the characters or plot because there are so many surprises! I would hate to give anything away.

But, if you have a slightly darker sense of humor, like I do, or have any kind of interest in the original fairytale and fables, then I would recommend reading these somewhat darker and more twisted versions of the characters and stories. Fables will keep entertained for sure and keep you guessing about what will happen next!

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