Monday, April 18, 2011

Lark Rise to Candleford

If you're reading this blog, something you should know about me before you commit yourself is that I love the BBC. So many of my recommendations may be BBC related or some other kind of British drama or comedy. Today, I want to talk about the book Lark Rise to Candleford, by Flora Thompson, and the TV series that is based on the book.

The Book

The book was originally written as three short novels called Lark Rise, Over to Candleford and Candleford Green. Later it was compiled into one volume. This is a book that I would recommend reading slowly. It is beautifully written, and you'll want to take in each word. It's a book about a different time when people moved at a slower pace and didn't let the clock rule their lives. So I would recommend picking it up and taking it one story at a time. Read it outside in a park or under a tree. Take a quiet moment to let each story take you back to a simpler place and time.

The TV Show

The TV Show, on the other hand, I did not take at a slow pace. I could not stop watching this show. It had me hooked from the very beginning. It does not follow the book exactly, but it definitely captures the spirit. I just fell in love with each character from Thomas Brown, the cowardly postman, to Dorcas Lane the meddling postmistress.

The story on the television show revolves around the Candleford Post Office, run by Dorcas Lane. The Post Office draws in both the wealthier townspeople of Candleford, and the poorer hamlet dwellers of Lark Rise. The show is filled with colorful characters, and wonderful costumes & set design. The word that keeps coming to mind when I tell my patrons or friends about the show is lovely. It's a lovely show that makes you feel good about life and good about being human.

So that's my latest recommendation: Lark Rise to Candleford - the book and TV show.

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